My name is Kellis Le Louër and my main activity has been web development since 2017. Besides that, I have other activities and it is on this page that you will find everything about my life.

Web developer

I have been interested in computers and electricity since I was 3 years old. Already dismantling sockets and televisions at home. In college I wanted to become a video editor since I had a YouTube channel since 2012. I loved it but when I got to high school I got tired of it. I had already been doing web development for a year, so it was only natural that I headed for a BAC STI2D SIN to complete the high school years. I had my baccalaureate and I directly registered in a computer development school while creating my own business where I help companies to create their brand image on the Internet. During my second year I had to find a work-study program, which is why I am currently on a work-study program in a web agency where I am the main developer and the company's web project manager.

Music label director

In 2013 I wanted to make music, to be a musician. At that time I already had a piano, a guitar, a flute, a harmonica and a computer. My dream was to release a physical record and get national recognition. Unfortunately little by little I lost this desire. It was in the summer of 2019 that my brother started rapping and to publish his music online we had to create a music label. It's called GBK Records. GB for Gumbraise and K for Kellis.


I have been my brother's music manager since 2019. All emails sent to him are handled by myself. All the communication on the networks as well as all the musical administration.

Music artist

Since 2016 I create my core and tek music on Soundcloud. And since my brother started rapping in 2019, I started right after him. In my sounds I talk about my life and the people who touched me. Sometimes to rant, sometimes to externalize the hatred that there is in me and that I didn't know how to release. Every year I release a project under the name of Osyris with the label GBK Records.

Founder of an association

Exactly, I am the founder of the TimeFliesWhenYoureHavingFun association which brings together e-sports teams. We have a subsidiary called Pixal which is our CS:GO and League of Legends team. We organize the Pixal Tournament for CS:GO and the RLFC for Rocket League (Rocket League French Cup) which is broadcast live on Twitch.


I stream on Twitch from Wednesday or Saturday from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Mainly Rocket League but the program often change and we find ourselves on League of Legends lives or sometimes web application development lives where we are cooler with a little soft music.